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Refined provides the tools to build a fully tailored and branded customer facing site for Jira Service Desk Cloud.

Refined is a SaaS product running on refined.site.

Integrate Jira Service Desk with Refined using the integration app.

Use the Refined tools to build up your clean and engaging customer facing support sites, or your internal ones.

Add a theme, layout, custom domain, search, content from Jira projects and self help content.


Refined helps you build your site with content and layout and your site runs on our service refined.site.


Use our domain or set your site up to your very own domain to really get fully branded experience.


Provide a point of entry for you to communicate with your customers, adding pages, content and integration to JSD Cloud to leverage the power of JSD and ensure they receive appropriate help in a timely manner. 


RefinedS is not one site, it's as many sites as you need*.


Integrating JSD Cloud, customers access the site through: NAME.refined.site or your custom domain, while agents continue to work in the Jira Service Desk agent view: NAME.atlassian.net

*One custom domain is included, but you can purchase as many as you need. 

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