What is admin delegation?

The Admin Delegation feature allows the assignment of Refined admin rights to anyone in your Atlassian organization, even if they are not Atlassian admins. Are you, as an Atlassian admin, short on time, or are there others in your organization that can help you manage Refined settings and sites? Perhaps you have a team within your organization that builds Refined sites? If so, admin delegation will come in handy.

Refined Administrators are able to configure and manage both global and local settings of the Refined administration and its sites.

What are the different admin roles on Refined?

Refined Administrators

Atlassian admins are always, by default, Refined Administrators. Through Refined, you can assign permissions to Atlassian non-admin users to become Refined Administrators.

Learn how to add or remove Refined Administrators here.

Here's a summary of what Refined admins can do:



Refined Administrator

Atlassian Admins (these are Refined Admins by default)

  • Create sites and manage all sites
  • Manage custom domain subscriptions
  • Manage Refined Admin users (add/remove)
  • Manage themes