Announcement banners can be used to communicate important information to your users. You can show announcements globally on a specific site, on a Refined Page or a Confluence space, JSM portal, Jira project or login page.

Announcement banners have three different types:

  • Warning
  • Alert
  • Info
  • Announcement

The colors of the banners can be adjusted with CSS to match your color profile.

Only Refined Admins, and those with inherited permissions, can manage announcement banners on Refined sites. Learn more here.

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What are announcement banners?

Announcement banners are banners displayed at the top of your Refined site to display important messages and information. When used correctly, this is both an efficient and effective way to communicate important information to customers and users. 

How to add an announcement 

An announcement banner is added via Refined Administration, in the Audience Features menu.

How to get to Refined Configuration


When you add an Announcement Banner, this banner will be shown in any page, portal, project or space that is under your site's structure of your choosing.

Example 1

Adding an Announcement Banner to the Site Home.

This means that the banner will show up in all pages within the site. 

Example 2

Adding an Announcement Banner to a Refined Page.

This means that the banner will show up on all pages within that page, but not on the Site Home or any other page structurally above this one. 


An announcement has the following settings. 

TitleThe title of your announcement. 
MessageThe message of your announcement. Note you can't format the text, only display plain text. To add a link within here, use this syntax: [Refined|]
LocationWhere the Announcement Banner will originate from. 
Link URLSet the link url. This link will show up on the right side of the announcement banner (not in the message).
Link textSet the link url's text. E.g. the link url could be but it will show as link text (e.g. Learn more), is clickable, and opens in a new tab.
PublishedCheck this to make the announcement show up, consider it a draft when it is not checked.

Check this to make it possible for users to discard banners as they have seen the information.

A closed banner is per browser.

Typewarning, alert, info, announcement - icon and color will change as you select the type of announcement banner.
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