With Refined you'll start out by creating one site and to this site you'll add content from Atlassian, or your own content. 

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Go to Refined Configuration

Once you have installed Refined as an app, go to Jira or Confluence admin > Apps > Refined Configuration. 

Add a site

In the Refined Configuration, go to Sites in the left menu. 

Use the plus to add a new Site. 

Set Site name and subdomain 

Set the Site Name to your site, and the subdomain.

The Site Name will be shown in tabs in the browser and is the general name of your site. 

The subdomain will be the URL to your site, but you can map this to a custom domain later. 

Getting your domain setup may take a while, this is due to all the DNS's of the world getting an introduction to you. 

Get Started while waiting

While waiting for the setup, you can still start setting up your site.