The domain of your choice

With Refined you can set a domain of your choice - a custom domain - to your By setting up a custom domain you can replace the default Refined domain ( with your own domain (


Refined runs on the domain On setup, your site in Refined will have a sub-domain on this, for instance or You can setup and manage several sites on one Refined installation

Custom domain

In order to tailor the experience for visitors to your page, when you want a custom domain setup - we got you covered. One custom domain is included in your purchase of Refined

With Refined you get to connect one free custom domain to your sub-domain, which means that users can go to that custom domain whenever they want to visit your page.

Need more than one custom domain?

If you want more than one custom domain you purchase those in-app. Find out more here.

How to set it up?

Learn more about how custom domains are setup here: 

Setting up Custom Domain