Is Refined kind of like a CMS or website building tool?

Yes you could say that. It is a site building tool to build a website feeling site for Atlassian tools. Each site is built up with a theme, quick navigation and layouts with select Jira and Confluence content on display. It essentially gives you the power to bring your Atlassian content into one single (clean and branded) source.

Does Refined include Confluence, Jira and Jira Service Desk Data all-in-one?

Yes as long as you have purchased Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Jira Service Desk, and you have purchased Refined for Confluence and Refined for Jira. 

If you only want to populate your Refined sites with Confluence data, you can simply get Refined for Confluence. 

If you only want to populate your Refined sites with Jira data, you can simply get Refined for Jira. 

If you want to populate your Refined sites with both Confluence and Jira data, you need to purchase both apps. 

Can I organize my Jira and Confluence content into groups or categories?

Yes! Using the site builder in Refined you can add Jira projects and Confluence spaces as a direct link in the top navigation menu. Just remember that you need to have both Refined apps for Jira and Confluence to include both data sources. 

How do 'sites' work exactly?

Refined is all about sites. By sites we mean a branded site which you can tailor to your users using our simple inbuilt tools. In the 'Sites' tab of the Refined admin section you can create as many sites as you wish. We have more detail on creating sites here: Create a Refined Site 

How can I set up a custom domain?

With Refined you get your organizations very own domain running on We have detailed instructions on how to set this up here: Setting up your Custom Domain

Please note, setting up the custom domain can take some time as it's just about informing the entire internet (and its DNS-servers to update their caches) of your domain.

What are the main differences between Refined for Confluence Cloud compared to Refined for Confluence Cloud and Refined for Server/DC?
  • On Refined for Cloud you can pull Atlassian content from Jira, Jira Service Desk and Confluence into the one site. Think of it as a CMS or website content builder for Atlassian Tools.
  • On Cloud you can add custom domains to individual sites. Giving you the power to easily have multiple use cases connected to the one Refined platform.
  • Refined for Confluence Cloud cannot yet render all items of a Confluence page (macros and markups). We will continually add support for new macros. 
  • On Refined for Confluence Cloud permissions cannot be added to a site or page (called categories on Server) level. However you can add view permissions to the content sections on a page. On Refined for Confluence Server/DC it is possible to add view permissions on a category level. Both apps by default will honor the permissions set up in Confluence on spaces and pages. 
  • When editing a Confluence page in Refined for Confluence Cloud the editor will open in a new tab, opening Confluence itself. Changes will take effect as you would expect on the Refined page. On Refined for Confluence Server editing a Confluence page will open up the editor in the same window. 
How does the editor work if I want to edit a Confluence page from Refined?
  • When a user ‘edits’ a Confluence page in Refined, they will edit it from Confluence itself (in a new tab). However the changes will take effect as you would expect on the beautifully themed page.

How do permissions work in Refined for Cloud?
  • Permissions on Confluence pages and spaces rule. Refined will expose pages, spaces and Confluence pages based on the permissions added in Confluence. You can add additional permissions to the sections when building up your pages.
  • You can easily toggle on or off the 'Anonymous Access' button. More on this: Setting up a site in Refined
Does Refined for Confluence Cloud support the old Confluence Cloud Editor?
  • No. We are only supporting pages created with the new Confluence Cloud editor. 

Does Refined work for both Jira and Jira Service Desk?

Yes! If you already have both Atlassian Jira and Jira Service Desk, you only need to purchase Refined for Jira the app. Refined for Jira includes the functionality to display data from both Jira Service Desk and Jira.

Currently the Refined for Jira integration is only in beta but will soon be released commercially. 

Why can’t agents use the Customer Channel link in the agent view?

With Refined we are running a separate service (in parallel) to regular Jira Service Desk, and as such the Refined customer portals are running on our servers. This means the Customer Channels link in the agent view will link to a default JSD portal rather than a Refined portal.

Can I test Refined for JSD Cloud without interfering with regular Jira Service Desk customer portals?

Yes you can. Your Refined.Site exists in parallel with your regular Jira Service Desk portals. It isn't until you refer your customers to the new URL, or when you change the email templates, that the customer will end up at your new site.

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