Use HTML to show the content you want, in the style you want.

Use this module to either add custom content, or to affect the look and feel of the page. 

Please note that while we provide this option, the HTML-module is not covered by the support agreement and SLA.

You can disable the HTML module from showing up on your site via the Refined configuration. Disabling the module doesn't cause the module to be deleted. Instead the module is disabled until you enable it again.

On this page

Applies to


This modules will be available in all portals, project and pages. 

Using the HTML-module

Adding the HTML module to a portal, project, Refined Page or Site page.

Click to add a module and choose HTML.

Set the code to your liking and save the module.

Click 'Preview' to see what it looks like before publishing. Hit 'Publish' to publish.