Use Navigation Content to display an image, a title and a small introduction text. This is perfect for displaying a summary and a link for further reading.  

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This modules will be available in all portals, project and pages. 

In the top there are four Navigation Content displaying an icon with a color and a title. In the middle row there are two Navigation Content, each with an image, a title and a text. In the lower row the setup is two columns, there is a title and a text as well as an image and a button with a link. 

Using the Navigation Content module

Add the Navigation Content module to a Service Desk portal, a, Jira Project, a Refined Page or a Site page


Below are a few highlighted settings. 

With the Layout setting you choose between a one column or a two column setup. 

A button will show up on the Navigation Highlight when you enter a button text and a Button URL. 

The entire Navigation Highlight will become clickable when you enter a Link URL.

Don't use the button setting and the Link URL at the same time as the user experience will become confusing. 

With Navigation Content you can choose to either have an image with different sizes and/or appearances or choose one of the built-in icons with a custom color setting.