Navigation Highlight is a versatile module that can be used to display text and image, or as a navigation item with a link or a button. 

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This modules will be available in all portals, project and pages. 

In this example a navigation highlight is used with a background image and the message "Getting started".

Visit our demo page for inspiration

Using the Navigation Highlight-module

Adding the Navigation Highlight-module to a portal, project, Refined Page or Site page.

Configure Navigation Highlight

Navigation Highlight does not need to be configured in any particular way, other than for the content you wish to display. This module is manually populated. 


A button will show up on the Navigation Highlight when you enter a button text and a Button URL. 

The entire Navigation Highlight will become clickable when you enter a Link URL.

Don't use the button setting and the Link URL at the same time as the user experience will become confusing. 

Upload an image to a Navigation Highlight, or add an image URL. Once the image is in place you can apply settings to the display mode: 

  • image position for horizontal view port of the image
  • monochromatic to show the image as greyscale
  • darken image to leave a shadow on the image. 

When you do not upload an image you can keep the image as a color, or transparent. If you have an image that has transparent areas the background color of the Navigation Highlight will show here.