Refined for Cloud

Refined is a site building tool to build sites with the content and layout of your choice. Include content from Jira Service Desk projects as customer portals, Jira projects and Confluence content - all connected to your domain to provide a point of entry for you to communicate with your customers. 

Creating Sites with Structure

It all starts with a Site. 

The Refines Site is where you add your structure, look and feel and the content you want to show. 

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Include Content from Atlassian Cloud

Install the app from Confluence Cloud, Jira Cloud or Jira Service Desk Cloud, this will make it possible to show the content from Confluence, Jira and Jira Service Desk on a Refined Site. 

Start guide for Refined for Confluence Cloud

Start guide for Refined for Jira Service Desk Cloud

Custom domain

With Refined you can set a domain of your choice (a custom domain) to your Refined Site.

By setting up a custom domain you can replace the default domain ( with your own domain (

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Look and Layout: Theme sites and organize content

Your site is a place for you to communicate with your customers, it's where you can reach out to communicate, and where they can reach you. Having your site represent your company, your brand, your values and the general feeling of who you are is important, not only to make the customer experience match your service, but also to help customer know they're in the right place, and help them find what they are looking for.

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Search Settings

You can use your site to aggregate and direct users to find information and content. You can setup a link to a Confluence KB space (using JSD settings) but sometimes, when you know that one out of every ten users will ask for this, you may want to be even more helpful when trying to help them find information - enter Recommended Links.

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