How to purchase more custom domain connections

Included with your Refined for Cloud subscription is the option to connect one custom domain to your site, free-of-charge. You can buy more custom domain connections directly from the Refined Administration. We use as a payment provider, which means that no credit card details are stored or processed in the Refined cloud.  

Each extra custom domain connection costs $10 USD/month.

Note that we do not sell or register domain names. The "custom domains" that we sell are connection points to your Refined sites. See example here:

  • Connecting to (this is free-of-charge if this is your one and only custom domain connection)
  • Connecting to (not free-of-charge)
  • Connecting to (not free-of-charge)
  • ..... so on and so forth.  

You can read more here on how to setup your custom domain connections.

Go to your Refined administration.

How to get to Refined Configuration

Go to your Account & Billing settings.

Add your payment details and then click 'Manage subscription' to purchase and manage custom domain connections.

You are all done with setting up your custom domain subscriptions!

You can now follow these instruction to set up a custom domain: Setting up your Custom Domain

Encountered issues?

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