This module is used to allow users to create requests against a Jira Service Desk portal. 

Create Request will show any Jira Service Desk (JSD) Request Types that are specified on your JSD project. This modules auto-poplulates with content. 

Clicking an item in this module will pop the Create Request window. 

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This module will show up when you have installed and enabled Refined for Jira. 

Here the Request Types are divided into two groups (General and Need approval, this is setup in the JSD project), and General contains three Request Types shown in three columns in Icon style. 

Using the Request Types module

Add the Request Types module to a Service Desk portal, a, Jira Project, a Refined Page or a Site page. 

Configure Request Types

The Request Types themselves are configured in your Jira Service Desk project. Text that you add there will show up in the portal here (depending on your settings for the module).


Below are a few highlighted settings. 

Service Desk ID

This module will show the Request Types of the customer portal where it is added. When this is added to a Refined Page, you will need to specify the portal ID manually. You can also use this setting to send users to another service desk from a portal. 


Icon setting will show Request Type Icons. 

List setting will show Request Type Icons as well as the description text specified for that Request Type. 


Specify how many columns the Request Types will be divided into.

Tip! When you don't have that many Request Types use a lower number. 

Tip! When you are using the Icon setting for layout, you can have a higher number of columns as they contain less text. 

Display option

Request Types can be set into Request Type groups in Jira Service Desk. Use this setting to either let the user see one Request Type group at a time, or all Request Types at once. The Request Type group will be shown to the left of the Request Types when used, as horisontal tabs. 

Item Size

Specify which size you want to have on your Request Types.

  • Small
  • Medium (Default)
  • Large

Group ID

You can filter Request Types on a group ID. Learn more about retrieving the group id: Find request type group / portal group ID