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There are two options to search for content on your site:

  • Search Highlight - a module placed on a Refined Page
  • Global search - the magnifying glass at the top right of every page

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Searching a Site

Global search - the magnifying glass

Using the search next to the avatar will always do a site wide search on any item or content that is placed within the site. 

Search Highlight

The Search Highlight module can be added to any Refined Page, Jira project, JSD portal or Confluence space. The module is context aware and will search any content or item that is structurally below it. This means that when the Search module is placed on the Site home, it will search all content of the site, which is the same as using the magnifying glass in the top right corner. If the search module is placed on a Refined Page with a Jira project or Confluence space connected, it will search for any content or item associated with those connections.

If you have created a Refined Page with no Atlassian content associated with it, the search module becomes a global search.

Search Results

Depending on where the search is made, and what type of search results you get, these items below can be part of the search results:

  • Recommended links
  • Articles from knowledge base spaces
  • Pages from Confluence spaces
  • Jira Issues
  • Request types
  • Navigation links (from the site's top menu)

The difference between Articles and Pages is that Articles are shown via the Jira Service Desk Knowledge Base setup, and the Pages are shown via Refined for Confluence Cloud when a Confluence space has been added to a Refined site.

The Site Search can be used to show the site navigation - the way the site is built and structured. Click on the link at the bottom of the Search popup. 

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