What are site view permissions?

Site view permissions allow you to control what types of users can access and view your site. This extra layer of control is useful so you can be flexible in how you use your site.

Setting view permissions on your Refined site do not impact any permissions already set on your Atlassian Confluence or Jira

The view permission that you set is not applied globally. Rather, it's applied to a one particular site.

How to set view permissions 

Navigate to the 'permissions' tab in your Refined configuration

Set your desired view permission for your site. You can set the view permission for the site to be either Public, Support, or Private.

PublicUse this access level if you want everyone to access your site. This means that both logged in and non-logged in users have access. This may be useful if, for example, your site is a knowledge base or public facing support site that you want everyone to see.

SupportThis access level means that only logged-in Jira Service Desk customers and your organization’s employees (with an Atlassian account) can view this site. This may be useful if you have a support site and when only customers with a Jira Service Desk account can submit a ticket.

Private - Use this access level if you do not want public users or Jira Service Desk users to access your site. Only users logged into your organization’s Atlassian account can view the site. This may be useful, for example, if you only want your organization’s employees to see an internal intranet site.