Every Refined Site is set up in the Refined Configuration. Each site has a settings area where you manage the site, add Atlassian content, pages, navigation, set the look and feel, and searching. 

Below is a walkthrough of a Refined Site Setup.


Introduction to Sites

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Site: Configuration

Each Site has a main Configuration area where you make the general settings for the site. 

Site Name

The Site Name is the site's friendly name. 


The Subdomain is the URL you access the Refined Site from. If you decide to change sub-domain it will take a while before the site is accessible again, this is due to how DNS works on the Internet. 

Custom Domain

A Custom Domain can be added to a site. Learn more here:  Set up Custom Domain

Anonymous Access 

If this is disabled, any user will need to log in to see the site. If this is enabled anonymous - meaning not-logged in users - can access any content on the Refined Site and Page that is not hidden via Atlassian. 

Site: Look and Feel

Each Site you add to Refined will have its own look and feel. 


The Look and Feel area is where you set the Theme for the Refined Site. 

Learn more about Themes

Site Logo, Favicon, App Icon

Style your sites with logo on the site and icons in the browser and mobile. 

Learn more about Icons


Recently introduced you can now choose if you want your site to have breadcrumb navigation or drop down navigation. This is a site wide settings. 

Learn more about Site Navigation Menu Options

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings include the option to add additional CSS and HTML to the site. 

Please note: while Refined offers the option for this customization, any issue caused by custom html or css are not covered by the SLA and support. 

Site: Site Builder

The Site Builder is the essence of your Refined Site: This is where you build the Site Navigation Menu, add in Atlassian Cloud Content such as Confluence Spaces, Jira projects and Jira Service Desk portals. 

Learn more: Working with the Site Builder

Refined Pages - Pages

Any item added in the Site Builder will get a Refined Page. You can add a page to use as a landing page, and the same page can also be used as a container to hold other items such as another page  - a child-page - or a Confluence space, for instance.

Items are added to your site in the Site Builder, and then edited for layout on the site itself, via the Layout Editor. 

Learn more: Working with the Layout Editor

Site: Search Settings

A major advantage using Refined is the search possibilities - finding content that is there. 

Recommended links consists of:

  • name - what the user sees
  • URL - where the link takes you
  • match words - what words this will show up for

The recommended links can be added to any site, page, project, portal or space. This is an easy way to prompt users to go to the right place. 

Learn more: Working with Search