One, or more, custom domains!

With Refined for Cloud you can connect custom domains for your sites (ie. support portal, documentation site, etc.), making the experience tailor made for your customers and not leaving them wondering if they are in the right place. Your users can access your site via the domain/URL of your choice.

A custom domain to your Refined Site means that you can add any domain you want and use this to redirect users to your site.

This means that you can run several sites, each with their own custom domain, on the same Refined setup. Example:

With your Refined for Cloud subscription, you can connect a site to (1) custom domain free-of-charge. If you would like to connect more custom domains to other sites, you can purchase a custom domain subscription within the Refined configuration.

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Setting up a custom domain to your Refined site

Before you perform the steps below to connect your custom domain to a Refined site, it needs to be setup in your DNS configuration.

Add a CNAME record and map it to "". Use that exact string (exactly as it appears without the quotes) - don't replace custom.domain with any other text.

You may need assistance from your domain administrator.

Enter custom domain

In your site's configuration (for the site you want the custom domain for), click on 'Add Custom Domain'.

You'll need your own domain ready, and once you have it, enter your custom domain and click 'Save':

Due to the inner workings of your DNS it might take some time before your custom domain is active. It could take a while until the internet knows about this new setup, but once it does, your Refined site is now accessible via your custom domain!


Below is an example of a custom domain that was setup successfully. While you're waiting for the DNS update the site indicator is yellow. As soon as it changes to a green checkmark and your custom domain shows, your custom domain is ready.

You are still able to configure your site and add content while the custom domain setup is happening.

SSL certificate

A SSL certificate will be automatically generated for the custom domain. The certificates are issued by Cloudflare and they are automatically renewed. The certificate is included in the custom domain so there is no extra cost involved.