This guide will show you how to:

  1. Install Refined for Confluence Cloud
  2. Enter Refined Configuration
  3. Create a Refined Site
  4. Add Confluence Content. 
  5. Viewing Refined sites and pages

Install Refined for Confluence Cloud

Go to Confluence administration > Find new apps.

Search for Refined and click to install Refined for Confluence Cloud

Go to Refined Configuration

When the app has been installed, you will get a new item in the left hand menu. 

Click Configuration in the left menu, then click the button in the middle of the page to go to Refined Configuration. 

Refined Configuration and your first Refined Site

When your installation has been completed, you have a connection between Refined and Confluence. The way the content is displayed in your Confluence site will not change, but by adding content to Refined you get a separate site with the same content and then some. 

The first thing you need to do is to create a Refined Site - a container used to hold and show your content. 

Click the plus button to add a site. 

Learn more about Refined Configuration

Name your site and set your subdomain

Adding a site you will need to decide on:

  • a site name
  • a subdomain

The subdomain will be used in the URL to navigate to your site, in the example below it will be

Then click to create the site.

While you are welcome to keep this URL, you can also setup a Custom Domain to your Refined Site.

Learn more about Custom Domains

Site overview and site configuration

In the Sites overview you will see all your sites. You can add several sites to one Refined Configuration thus having several separate sites for different purposes and with different looks. For now, let's continue with the one we have. 

Click on the site you want to configure, in this case the only one there. 

Site configuration and what's what

When you click on a Site you will see the setup for that site. 

In the top you will have breadcrumbs to show you where you are at. Each Site has six configuration sections:

  • Configuration - the main settings
  • Site Builder - where you create navigation and add content
  • Look and Feel - setting the look for this site
  • Search Settings - working with promoting search results via recommended links
  • Announcement Banners - Display announcement banners for your site
  • Permissions - Control who views the site

Learn more about Site Configuration

Site builder and adding Confluence content

Click to go to the Site Builder. In the Site Builder you can add three types of content:

  • Atlassian Content - Confluence spaces but also Jira Service Desks and Jira projects depending on your setup. 
  • Refined Pages - landing pages that can hold custom content and navigation items.
  • Link - a link to a page external to your site, or within your site

Click the + button to add content. 

Learn more about Refined Pages

Adding Atlassian Content

In the popup you will see all the content you can add. In this case there are two Confluence spaces available: Hardware and Software. 

If you have many spaces, use the search function to locate your space. 

Click the spaces you want to add, then click Include at the bottom.

Tip: you can add a single Confluence space or Jira SW/JSD project to as many sites as you want.

Going to your new Refined Site

The Confluence space that you have added will show up in the Site Builder. 

Use the icon next to the name to see the space in its Refined Site context. 

The Refined Site

Going to the Refined Site will open in a new tab.

Notice the URL for your new site. 

Also note that while we do like our Refined colors, this is simply the default theme and we encourage you to change it to one that fits your colors, profile and style. 


Looking at Confluence Pages

Click on one of the Pages to view it on your Refined Site. 

Editing and Viewing Confluence pages

To edit a Confluence page, or to view the page via Confluence, click the three dot (...) button at the top right. This is visible to anyone who has permission to edit the page, as set in Confluence space and page permissions. This means that all permissions for the content is based on how it's been setup in Confluence. 

Once you've clicked to edit, the Confluence editor will open up in a new tab. 

View in Refined - going back to the Refined Site

The pages of any space that have been added to one or more Refined sites are accessible via the Refined logo at the top of the page.

What's next in your setup?

Following the steps above, you now have a Refined Site with one Confluence Space added to it. This means that any page can either be viewed on the good looking, easy to navigate Refined Site or via Confluence. 

Check out this to get further on configuring your new site. 

Learn about creating themes

Learn about look and feel

Learn about search settings

Learn about setting view permissions

If you run into any troubles or questions, contact us and we'll help you out! We happily answer questions and we can give you a demo or advise you in your setup. 

Contact Refined Support

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