A theme to a Refined Site is the main look of the Site. Themes are created in Refined Configuration using the Theme Editor and can be applied to any site, page or portal. 

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What is a theme?

A theme is the general look of your site. You can add the theme to a Refined Site, to a Refined Page, or to a portal, project page or space home.



This is the same Refined Site but with two different themes applied. The content is the same for both, but the look is different as set by the applied theme. 

Theming in the Site Builder

Who can create, edit and apply a theme?

You need to be a jira-administrator or a confluence-administrator to create, edit and apply a theme. If you can see the Settings menu in the top right corner of the site, with the Themes and Site Builder options, you're good to go. 

Accessing the Theme Editor 

The Theme Editor is accessed through the Refined Configuration > Themes > Edit a theme. 

You can either create a new theme, or hover the settings cog on an existing theme and then choosing edit.

How to get to Refined Configuration

The anatomy of the Theme Editor

The Theme Editor has a large and responsive preview area where any setting you make is reflected instantly. The right hand side of the editor is where you expand sections to make the settings you want. 

The Theme Gallery

The theme gallery is an overview of all the themes you have available in your Refined configuration. To make sure you get a nice thumbnail of your theme (which will make it easier to overview it), we recommend working in Chrome or Firefox. 


You find your themes in the menu to the left under Themes

Create Theme

This will give you a blank canvas of a theme opened in the Theme Editor. 

Export Theme

Export theme is available under each theme. This will export that theme as a file that can then be uploaded into another Refined instance, or this Refined instance. 

Copy Theme

Copy theme will create a copy of that theme in this editor. 

Applying themes

Themes are applied to a Refined Site, a Refined Page or to a portal, project or space home in that site. 

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