View permissions can be added to each section of a Refined Page. Use this to hide content for certain users, and show content for other users. 

Section view permissions are managed using Jira User Groups, or Confluence User Groups. 

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Sections on a Refined Page

Sections are the horisontal dividers of a Refined Page. 

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Setting the View Permissions

View permissions are set using three settings:

  • None
  • Logged in users
  • Anonymous users

Setting: None

This is the default setting. Having this shows the content to any user that can access the page. 

Setting: Logged in users

This setting will only display the section to a user that is logged into the site. An anonymous user (ie not logged in) will not see this section.

Logged in users: groups

For the setting Logged in users you can add an additional specification with a User Group. Create a User Group on your Atlassian Site, then apply this group to the section. Only users that are in this User Group will see the section. 

Setting: Anonymous users

This setting will show the section only to anonymous users. If a logged in user comes to the page they will not see a section with this setting. 


On this page we will have the following sections:

SectionContentShown to
Login sectionInformation on how to log in to the siteAnonymous users only
Project sectionProject information from Confluence and JiraLogged in users only

The entire page will look like this in the editor. 

Setup: Login section

Section content

The section has one module in it containing a link to the login page. 

Section setup

The Section Settings are for anonymous only. 


An anonymous user will see this on the page. 

Setup: Logged in user Section

Setup content

This section will contain project information. 

Section setup

The section is setup so that only logged in users can see it.


A logged in user will not see the login-section, only the project section.