The main look and feel is set to a Refined Site in the Refined Configuration. You can set:
  • Themes
  • Site Logo, Favicon and App Icon
  • Main Navigation format
  • Advanced settings - css and html

Work on your Refined Pages to add structure layout, content and highlight important areas.

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The theme is what is surrounding the content of your site. 

Below you can see the same Refined site, with the same content, but displayed with two different themes. 

Example theme

Example theme

A theme is created and managed in the Theme Editor and applied to the Site itself as a global theme, or to a Refined Page as a theme for an area of a site. 

Learn more about: Theme Editor

Learn more about: Theming with the Site Builder

The Layout of Pages

Any item that you add to a Refined Site will have a Refined page tied to it. 

  • A Refined Page
  • A Confluence space will have a Refined Space Home
  • A Jira project will have a Refined Project Home
  • A JSD portal will have a Refined Portal

Edit and setup the layout of a Refined Page using the Page Editor (called Site Editor for Sites, and Page Editor on pages), the content is added and shown on the Refined Page using Modules in the Layout. 

In this image you see the Page Editor with the following modules in it: In the first section there is a Search Highlight, in the second section there are three columns with one Navigation Highlight in each. 

Learn more about: Editing Refined Pages

Learn more about: Modules

Site Logos

Learn more about: Site logo, favicon and app logo

Site Navigation 

On your Site there will be a top navigation. This navigation is used to navigate the Site and can either be in a content menu or in a breadcrumb format. 

Example drop-down

Example breadcrumb

Learn more about: Site Navigation Menu Options


The Footer is static for the site and can be used to facilitate navigation for users. 

Learn more about: Footer

Advanced Settings: css, html

Using css and html to further customize your site is an option with Refined, although we do not support any issue caused by these types of customizations. 

Learn more about: Advanced Settings - css, html