The Site Builder

Each site has a Site Builder where you add and manage Pages and Atlassian Content, set themes and organize your site's structure.

Adding Refined Pages and Atlassian Content

What is a Refined Page?

Any content that you add to a Refined Site will get a Refined Page. This means that when you add a Jira Service Desk this will get a portal as a Refined Page, a Confluence Space will get a Refined Space Home as a Refined Page and a Jira Project will get a Refined Page as a Project Page.

You can also add in Refined Pages of your own. These pages can be used to: 

  • add structure
  • display content

Think of a Refined Page as both a container - a parent page - to other content and a page that has a layout where you add content. 

Add a Refined Page

Add a Refined Page to your site by clicking the 'Add New' button. The page is added as a new area to the Site. To create hierarchy in your structure, drag-and-drop a page under another page.

In the above example the Refined Pages that are not Atlassian content are:

  • The Home Page, Company, Teams, Processes, HR, Dev Projects, and support.

Each row in the Site Builder is represented by its respective icon depending on what you have added (ie. page, Confluence content, Jira content, or an external link). If you have added Atlassian content, that is also represented by its space or project key.

You can also quickly add a Refined Page, or other content (such as links or Atlassian content) by hovering between items in the site builder. From here, you have options to add parent and/or child pages. Note that you can only add hierarchy to Refined Pages.

Adding and re-arranging structure

Hierarchy (parent and child pages) and top navigation menu order can be set by dragging and dropping Refined Pages to different locations, or under other Refined pages. The order that your top menu appears is based on the top-down order of items in the site builder.  A Refined Page can function as:

  • A parent or child for other content
  • A landing page
  • A home for content that belongs together

In the above example, the pages 'Dev Projects' and 'Support' both have child pages in the form of a JSD portal ('Test Service Desk') and a Jira project ('Scionity'). The Confluence space 'Employee Engagement' (now a Refined page) exists as its own parent page.

Drag and drop any content in the Site Builder to the place where you want it to be. Moving content will not remove or delete any Refined Page or its content:

Refined Page Properties and Theming

Refined pages can be edited by changing its: name, url path, or theme. To edit a Refined page, click the cogwheel. To open up the page in a new window, click the arrow.

You can also edit the theme of any Refined page directly by clicking on the name of the theme (e.g. in the example below, on the theme named 'Radiant').

Setting a parent Refined Page's theme means that all children pages inherit that theme - it is applied to any content you structure into it. You can choose to set individual themes to child Refined Pages if you wish. When you start building a site or when you add new pages, those pages inherit the home page's theme.

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Adding Atlassian Content

Atlassian content is added by hovering over the 'Add New' button and selecting 'Add Atlassian Content'. You can also add content by hovering your mouse in between the rows in the site builder.

Anything that you as a user is permitted to view in your Atlassian cloud will be shown. Please not that only the first 5 items will be shown for each content category - you can use the Search function to display more content.

Click on the item you wish to add, and then click 'Select'. You can choose several items at once. 

Tip: you can add a confluence space or Jira SW/Jira Service Desk project to more than one site, or as many existing sites as you want. This opens up flexibility for how you want to organize your content across sites.

Tip: in addition to Refined Pages and Atlassian content, you can also add external links. These show up in your top menu navigation hierarchy and link to pages away from Refined site.

How does it all come together?

Below is the corresponding structure on the Refined Site based on the examples above. Pages and hierarchy in the Site Builder are reflected in the top navigation menu.

Changing names to project, spaces and portals

When using Refined the name of the project, space or JSD portal will carry over to Refined as-is when it's added. If you decide you want to change the name later, you will need to do this in the Site Builder for that item. This means that if you change the name of a project, space or JSD portal in Atlassian Cloud, you will also need to change it in the Refined Configuration. 

Deleting Pages and Content from a Refined Site

When you delete content from a Refined Site, the corresponding Refined Page, portal, project or space home will be deleted. This means that if you have made any changes to the layout of that page this will be lost, unless you have exported your layout. Any Recommended Links you have connected to that page, portal, project or space will also be deleted. 

You delete content from your site by hovering over the cogwheel and choosing "Delete". You will be prompted with a confirmation. 

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