Activity Stream

Handy when: The Activity Stream-module is perfect for showing what is happening in this space. The results can be limited by setting a label-filter. 

Displays created and edited content in a space in chronological order.

Using the Activity Stream-module

To add the Activity Stream-module to a space homepage:

  1. Click to edit the Space Home or the Content Layout Macro on a page. 
  2. Click to add a module and choose Activity Stream. 
  3. Set the parameters to your liking and save. 
  4. Save the space homepage. 



Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output.






Yes if you want the title to show, no if you don't.

Title textYesThis field is shown when Title is set to yes. Default value is "Activity Stream", set it to the value of your choice.
LabelNoFilter the content you want to show in the macro using labels. Enter one or more labels, using "," to separate them if you choose several.

Number of posts



The default maximum number of items to be loaded.

  • No labels