Getting Started

Activate Theme on the Space

Themes can be activated on a space level.

Navigate to a space.

Go to: Space Tools > Theming-tab

Activate Refined Toolkit for this space.

Choose a theme. You can learn more how to theme a space here.

Navigate back to the space home.

Edit a Space Home

All themed spaces come with a Space Home feature that allows a more visual display of content.

Navigate to a Space Home.

Click on the edit button, choose Edit space home.

Make your changes. You can learn more about editing your space home here.

Click save.

Please Note: The Space Home experience overrides the default homepage of a space. To retrieve the content from the default homepage just disable RefinedTheme for that space. Go to: > Space Admin > Look and feel > Themes; and select the default theme.

Refined Toolkit Administration 

As an administrator you have an overview of the themed spaces in your instance. An administrator can also create global themes which can be applied to multiple spaces.

Go to: General Configuration > Settings

Click on the Configuration button in the REFINED SPACES section.

Demo Spaces

Check out these examples of what you can do with Refined Tookit for Confluence Cloud. 

Live demo of product documentation space

Live demo of themed HR space

Need more assistance?

If you have any issues or questions don't hesitate to contact RefinedWiki Support.

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