Handy for: Showing pages on a space, giving an easy overview of the most recently modified pages in an icon-like style.

Displays pages as icons for easy navigation and overview.

Pages containing images the pages will show up with the first image of the page on the page-icon of the module.

Using the Pages-module

To add the Pages-module to a space homepage:

  1. Click to edit the Space Home or the Content Layout Macro on a page. 
  2. Click to add a module and choose Pages. 
  3. Set the parameters to your liking and save. 
  4. Save the space homepage. 



Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output.






Yes if you want the title to show, no if you don't.

Title textYesThis field is shown when Title is set to yes. Default value is "Pages", set it to the value of your choice.
FilterSimpleChoose Simple or Advanced. Simples shows the child-pages. Using Advanced CQL can be specified to set what pages are shown.



Check to show child-pages only.

LabelNoFilter the content you want to show in the macro using labels. Enter one or more labels, using "," to separate them if you choose several.
Order byLast Modified

Set the order of how the pages should be displayed.

  • Last Modified (Default)
  • Creation
  • Alphabetical 
Number of pages10Set how many pages should be shown upon loading the module. A "Show more"-button will be shown if there are more pages than what is shown.
  • No labels