Use Refined to add structure and organize content. Organize your Jira Service Desks and Jira projects into different sites, and each site into different categories

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Sites & Categories

It starts with a Site.

Refined works in Sites. A Site is a holder for Jira and JSD projects. 

You can create more sites, include projects and move any projects between the sites. 

Refined for Jira Service Desk

With JSD there is always a default site - the Help Center. Any JSD portal will start out in the Help Center, and you can move any JSD portal from one site to another. 

What is the Global Site? 

The Global Site is the site that contains all customer portals (service desks) when you start out, it is the first site that exists, and it will always exist. By default, the Global Site carries over the name of your Help Center in Jira Service Desk.

Customer portals (or service desks) will be listed in the Global Site until you move them to another site or a category. The landing page for the Global Site (Global Site Home) will also be the default landing page for your Jira Service Desk users. The theme you add to the Global Site will be applied globally to all customer portals and sites and categories if you are using them. You can manually edit and change the theme on an individual site, category or customer portal, or choose to only theme a few select customer portals

What is a Site? 

A site is a landing page to aggregate content or information and help users navigate to relevant customer portals (service desks). The site layout and content is created using the layout editor and content modules. 

On the customer side of the portal, sites display in a drop down hamburger menu called the Site Switcher.

Site Home

What is a Category?

A category sits on a site, and is a way of organizing customer portals into categories (within a site). The category can also be used as a landing page from which to navigate to customer portals and display important content. The content and layout is created using the layout editor and content modules. 

Categories display in a breadcrumb menu in the top left of the portal, and shows the name of the category.

Category Home


The structure of your site is setup in the Site Builder

Working with the Site Builder

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