With Refined you can add several sites to one Jira instance. Sites are separate landing pages creating different, and separate, areas of your Jira. 

Sites are added and managed in the Site Builder within Refined Administration. This is also where you add, remove and organize Sites and Categories. 

Categories are added to sites with two purposes: 

  • a landing page for the category where you can put content from different sources
  • a structure that ease navigation on the site. 

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The Refined Sites work a bit differently based on what applications you are working with in your Jira. 

Refined Site Settings

Refined for Jira Service Desk

Whenever Jira Service Desk is installed in Jira, there will always be a Global JSD Site. This site is the equivalent to the Help Center of default JSD and is the main container for all JSD projects, and also where the JSD projects end up when created. 

When Jira Service Desk is enabled the Global JSD Site will always be enabled. There are two options for this site, either it is themed with Refined or it is themed with default JSD.

The theming is a setting in Refined Administration > Jira Service Desk, the site itself will always be there. 

Globally Activated Refined JSD Site

Having the Global JSD Site themed means that every JSD portal will be activated in Refined. 

In this example the two JSD portals will be in a Refined Site. 

Any Jira Service Desk project that exist on the site will show up in the Global JSD Site

An default Global JSD Site

In this example the two JSD portals will be in the default JSD theme and site. 

Having Refined not activated globally means that JSD portals in the global site will not be themed, while JSD portals in the other Refined Sites or categories will be themed. 

Refined for Jira Core and Jira Software

When Jira Core and Jira Software are used either independently or together but without Jira Service Desk, there are no Refined Sites when Refined is installed. Any Refined Site will be manually created. 

Any Jira Core or Jira Software project that you want to add to a Refined Site will need to be manually added to the site - this means that you hand-pick what projects goes on a Refined Site. 

Combining Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk

You can add projects of any kind to any site, this is completely up to you. As soon as you have Jira Service Desk the Global JSD Site will be there, and you can add any project type to that site. 

In this example there are three categories to further add structure to the Refined Site, and there are two JSD portals and two Jira Software projects in the same Refined Site - in this example the Global JSD Site. 

Additional Sites

Any additional site added to the Site Builder will always have the Refined theme activated. 

Creating structure on a Refined Site

Every Refined Site has its individual structure and navigation made by adding categories and Jira items to the site. 

Categories are containers that are added to a site, and can be added in several levels to create sub-categories. 

Learn about Categories

Custom Links

With version 3.0 you can add custom links, any URL to any place on the internet in your structure. Simply use "Add a link" to add a link to a site or a category

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