You can easily connect the search feature of a customer portal with a confluence instance. Just follow these steps: 


Make sure that you have configured an Application link between your JIRA and Confluence: Setup AppLinks.

Navigate to a Service Desk landing page and click the edit-button located on the right hand side.

You have to have administration rights in order to edit service desk landing page layout.

Make sure that a Search Highlight module is added to your layout. Edit the Search Highlight module.

For Knowledge Base. Choose either the Default JSD settings or Custom settings.

Default JSD settingsThe settings configured in your JSD project will be used.
Custom settings

You can configure a more flexible KB integration with Confluence. You can include both pages and questions.

Make sure that you add the exact url to your Confluence server.

You can filter on space(s), using a comma to separate. If you leave the filter blank your whole Confluence instance will be used.

Save your changes!


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