Each Refined Site has its own structure. The structure is built using Categories and Jira projects. Each category and Jira project have their own landing page that can be modified.

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Adding Categories

Categories are added to a specific site, and can be dragged-and-dropped between sites

Adding a Category

Add category

For the site you want to create the category, click the + in the top right corner

Category settings

Name and url

Set the name and the url path.

The name is what will be visible in the top navigation of the Site, the URL path is what will be at the ending of the URL for that category. 

Set the permissions

Permissions are the view permissions for this category. 

  • Inherit - the same permissions as for the parent site or the parent category will be applied
  • Anonymous users - when the site is anonymously accessible, this category will be shown to anonymous users
  • Logged in users
  • Groups - manually set what Jira User Groups will be able to see this category. 


When parent theme is used, the same theme set on the site or category where this category is will be used. 

The Theme can be set on a category level. Any item placed in the category will have this theme unless specifically set on that item. 

Add items to the category - or not

The category can be used as a landing page - the category home, and it can hold other items:

  • other categories which will be sub-categories
  • Jira projects
  • Jira Service Desks

Drag and drop any item to the category. 

Site navigation with Content Menu 

The categories show up in the top navigation - the Site Navigation - in either Content Menu with dropdown...

Site navigation with Breadcrumbs 

...or as breadcrumbs when a user navigates through the structure.