In Refined version 2.1 we introduced export and import of versions which comes in handy moving between servers or instances as well as using the same layout in several sites, categories, Jira projects and JSD portals. 

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How it works

The export and import tool is accessible when editing a Refined Page, in the versions dropdown. 

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Exporting and importing a layout

Only the current version of a layout can be exported, but a previous version of a layout can always be restored. 

To export a layout

Click to edit the layout you want to export. 

Make the layout you want to export the current layout.

Click restore next to the layout to make it the current one. 

Hover the version, then click the download arrow to the right of the current version. 

The layout will be exported and downloaded as a zip file. 

To import a layout

Click to edit the page where you want to import the version. 

Click to open the version dropdown. 

Browse to your file, pick it them click to Upload. 

The version you upload will become the current layout.

The Upload-button will not show up until a file has been chosen.

Unknown module after import

Some modules are only available on specific types of homes and portal, this is simply because they do not contain relevant content for any other setting. 

When these modules are imported to a layout where they are not available, you will see the module as "Unknown module". The module might still show content, but you will not be able to edit it. Simply remove these modules before publishing your layout.