Available from version 2.1

If you've setup your layouts in your test instance, you can use the export feature to get a file representing your layout, and then use that to import into your production environment. Or, if you have several homes or portals that will use the same layout, set it up in one home or portal, then export import to the other ones.

You will be able to import a layout to any site, category or service desk portal. If there are any modules in the layout that are not supported in the target layout, they will be marked as Unavailable module. Simply delete these modules before publishing your layout.

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Want a ready to go neat layout for your Jira Service Desk?

Click here to download a ready-made green themed layout

Preview the ready-made green themed layout on our demo site:

How it works

This tool is accessible from the versions list of your site, category or service desk portal editor. 

Click to edit the layout you want to export using the button in the top right corner.

In the editor, click the Versions button in the top left.

Note: You can only export the current version of the layout. If you want to export a preview version you need to restore to that one first.

To import the layout, navigate to the site, category or service desk portal you want to import to.

Click to edit the layout, then click the Versions button.

In the menu, click to browse for your file to import (the one you've previously exported).

Once your file is selected, click to upload.

An uploaded layout will be in draft stage, and you can discard your draft if you do not want to use it. Otherwise, go ahead and publish your layout.

Unknown modules

Some modules are only available on specific types of homes and portal. These modules include

When these modules are imported to a layout where they are not available, you will see the module as "Unknown module". The module might still show content, but you will not be able to edit it. Simply remove these modules before publishing your layout. 

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