Follow these four steps to start up your themed Jira Service Desk and you will have a customized and engaging Service Desk in no time:


The Site Builder is where most of your Service Desk configuration is done. In the Site Builder you can:

  • Set up your Site Structure 
  • Organize your customer portals into relevant Categories or Sites. 
  • Add theming to each portal, category or site (globally or individually). 
  • Configure view permissions for your Sites and Categories. 

Go to: Jira Administration > Add-ons > (Refined) Configuration.

Toggle the 'Global Theming' button to activate your site, category and/or customer portal themes as well as layouts.

The theme you select for your Global Help Center Site will be your activated Global Default Theme.

Activating your theme publishes your themes and layouts for customers. Learn more about going from test to production ready here (link to come).

Upload your logo.

In the Site Builder: Working with Sites & Categories you will see your Help Center Site which is your Global Site. By default, all your Service Desks will be listed under the Global Site.

Choose your Help Center Global Theme by clicking the Help Center Cog > Edit > Change Theme > Save. Or easily create a new theme.



The help center is the global site home. You can change the layout to suit your needs and branding by adding modules, images, links and information. If you need inspiration, we provide you with two templates to get you started. 

Navigate to the help centre.

Click the edit icon.

Use one of our template layouts or add sections, modules and icons that work for you. 


If you choose to make use of the Site and Category Structure, think of them as landing pages from which to navigate to customer portals and helpful content. Each Site and Category can be set up with a custom theme and a custom layout. 

To add or edit an individual theme on a Site or Category navigate to Administration > Site Builder > X Site or X Category Settings Cog > Edit.

In the dialog pick the theme you wish to apply.

To edit the layout, navigate to the Site or Category in the Site Builder, and edit it just as you did the on the Help Center page (with the pen in the top right corner).

If you can't see the pen, please refer to this document: As a Jira Administrator I can't find all the projects in the Portals list.  


Each customer portal can be setup with a custom theme and a custom portal page.

To add or edit the theme on a customer portal, navigate to Administration > Site Builder > X Customer Portal > Edit

Select the theme you wish to apply on the customer portal (or leave it blank to use the Global Theme).

You can choose to have some customer portals themed, whilst having others with the default Jira Service Desk look. Learn how here.

To edit the layout navigate to a customer portal, click the pen in the top right corner and edit it just as you did the on the Help Center page. 

You will now have a customized Jira Service Desk set up!

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