Once you have installed Refined as an app, you'll get a new item in your Manage app menu to the left. Follow these setups to setup your first Refined Site. 

On this page

Start with the Site Builder

Access Refined Administration

Start by going to Refined > Administration, then click the but green button to access the pages. 

Jira Service Desk enabled

When Jira Service Desk is enabled in your Jira, all JSD projects are automatically added to the Global JSD Site, this is the equivalent of the Help Center in Jira, and cannot be disabled. 

Refined on all JSD portals?

You can decide whether all the JSD projects are shown within Refined Site, or if you want to keep some of it in default JSD. This is done by enabling or disabling Refined Globally. 

Go to the Jira Service Desk tab in the Refined Administration

Enable or disable Refined globally

What does this mean? 

This means that when any non-admin user goes to any of the URLs connected to a JSD portal, the Help Center or a Site, they will be shown the Refined Theme. When enabled we take the regular Help Center URL - yourbaseURL.com/jira/servicedesk/customer/portals - and redirect users to yourbaseURL.com/jira/plugins/servlet/desk. 

An admin can see the themed site regardless of setting, but is shown information about this. 

Get the right content on your Site pages

With Refined you can change, add and remove content to the pages in your service desk. 

View Site

Use the View site-button to go to your Site. 

Edit the page

Use the pen in the top right corner to edit the page. 

If you don't see the pen, make sure you have the right permission for the user. 

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