The Image Bank is a resource where you can upload globally accessible images that are available in: 

This means that you can upload images just once and they will be available for everyone working with themes, sites, categories and portals.

The Image Bank is available from version Version 2.1.

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Image Bank

The Image Bank is a place where you can upload images intended to be used by all portals and themes. We're hoping this will mean (at least) two things:

  • If you have a design department they can get you the images they want you to use, and these images are available in portals and themes.
  • You will not have to upload an image to all the places you want to use it.

Uploading Images to the Image Bank

Currently the Image Bank is available in the Refined Administration, which means any person uploading an image needs access as a jira-administrator or as a delegated RefinedAdmin. 

Go to: Refined Administration > Images.

Image Bank images in Modules

In any module that contains an image setting, you can find the images from the Image Bank under Global Images

Image Bank images in Themes

When editing a Theme, you will find the Image Bank images under Global Images

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