What does it do?

The Jira Issues lists all Jira issues according to the filter specified. You can also choose which standard fields are visible. 

Adding Jira Issues to a Site, Category or Project

Click the edit pen to open up the layout editor on the site, category or customer portal where you wish to add the module.

Click to Add module to the subsequent section.

Choose "Jira Issues" module and edit accordingly. Remember to save your changes.

Advanced settings

Some of these settings are available from 3.1 and up.

There are two advanced settings that can be made to this module: 

  • Columns - what columns to show
  • Filter - what tickets to filter out

To show columns you use the field names to specify which to show.

For custom fields, use customfield_xxxxx where xxxxx is the field id, example customfields_10107

Getting the custom field id
  1. In General Configuration > Issues > Fields > Edit the field
  2. Look in the url

Use JQL to add your filter. For custom fields, use cf[xxxxx] where xxxxx is the field id, example: cf[10107]. 


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