How it works

Some of the features in the extended Knowledge Base setup have some prerequisites for your setup, and others are available for all. 


For us to be able to get information to show in the Page Tree, then you need to have either:

  • Same users in Jira and Confluence (OAuth with Impersonation) 
  • Anonymous users have access to the Confluence spaces that are used for the knowledge base

When this option is checked, you will see the "Display page tree" option. This will be applied globally. 

Display Page Tree

The page tree is displayed on the left hand side of a popup article and allows users to browse Confluence. 

No page tree, narrow

Display page tree, wide

Display articles in wide mode

Choose whether your articles should be wide, or narrow in the window. This is applied globally to all popups. 

Show a link to the article in Confluence below the article to take the user to the right place in Confluence. 

Global Search Settings

In version 2.1 a Global Search feature was added. It is located at the top right corner of your page. 

You can configure the global search settings in Refined Configuration.

Further reading

Learn more in this tutorial: Tutorial: Browsing Confluence from Jira Service Desk Article Popup

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