A support site consists of so much more than a way to create tickets. Ideally you want your users to get support in the way and form that suits them. With RefinedTheme you are able to aggregate content from several sources, add links and other helpful content to get customers not only a way to raise a request, but also to learn more and potentially solve the issue they're facing on their own. 

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Site Home, Category Home and Service Desk Portal

Regardless of the complexity that you've build in the Site Builder, whether it's one site and one service desk, one site with categories and several service desks, or several sites with multiple categories and service desks), each of the items in your structure will have a page of their own. Depending on what item it is connected to, we will refer to it as either the Site Home, Category Home of the Service Desk Portal, but they are all built on using the same layout, tools and elements for content.

Using the Layout Editor, you can set the layout of the page with sections and columns, and the content of the page with modules

Depending on what kind of home or portal you are at, you will see different modules available. Some of the modules are automatically populated based on the users permission and actions, and some you hard code to make sure the correct information is shown. 

The portal is also where you can add a Search Highlight and from version 2.1 and up, this is a feature rich way for a user to find the content they are looking for in an easily presented way showing both articles from Knowledge Bases, Request Types, Recommended Links - Promoted Search Results as well as other items on the site. 


Portal and Layout Editor

Multiple space search

Modules that makes the content of your portal

Search Module

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