Version 3.0  - Refined for Jira Core - Refined for Jira Software - Refined for Jira Service Desk

We're excited and proud to announce version 3.0 of Refined for Jira. In this release not only can you still add JSD portals to the Refined interface, you can also add Jira projects

Refined for Jira, an introduction

Refined for Jira works for all your Jira projects. You can choose to combine different types for Jira projects in one Refined Site, or cherry-pick the projects you want to add. 

Refined for Jira Service Desk

All the functionality that you've come to expect from Refined for JSD is still available, and improved. 


There are a few differences working with Refined for Jira and working with Refined for Jira Service Desk. 

Learn more about site structure

Create structure to your Site

Use Refined to create a structure that reflects your organisation: one site for each area, Jira projects and JSD portals in the context where they belong. 

Learn more about creating structure

Brand your project with themes

Use Refined to theme your Jira project and your JSD portal.

Learn more on theming

Display relevant content

Use Refined to display relevant project content and configure projects and portal with documentation, information, and context.

Learn more about creating landing pages

Searching for answers

Use Refined to setup advanced search options utilising the power of Confluence, and add recommended links. 

Learn more about searching

Announcements to your Site

Use Refined to show important announcements to the right people at the right time.

Learn more about announcements

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