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It would be fair to assume that people who come to your support are looking for help whether it be to apply for new hardware, sending in vacation request or trying to figure out how something works. 

With Refined we've extended the search functionality to make it easier for your users to find the help they're after.

Refined demo site

What's in the Refined search?

In RefinedTheme 2.1 we've extended the search for a user on a RefinedTheme service Desk. 

Context Search

The first noticeable thing in the search setup is that it is aware of the context you opened the search from. If your setup consists of several categories, sites and service desks, we now make sure you know where you are searching, and that you can change the context within the search. 

Search Module

When you have common requests and searches that you know will happen, you can add recommended links that are highlighted in the search and that guides users to a likely source of information. Good examples of what might be a recommended link are instructions (setting up a printer) and answers to common question (how to create an expense report). 

Creating and managing Recommended Link

KB Space setup

Any settings you have made for your Service Desks towards a knowledge base in Confluence will be honoured when you apply Refined. If this is already setup on your site, it will continue to work in RefinedTheme. 

Set up a knowledge base for self-service

Several Spaces Search

With RefinedTheme you can setup a Search Highlight towards a complete Confluence, or specific spaces on Confluence. With this feature you can extend the amount of potential hits a user who make a search on your site. This is convenient if you, like us, have a Confluence with many spaces that may contain the answer a user is looking for. 

Connecting Search to several Confluence spaces

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