It’s possible to setup a Language switcher that will be available from the Refined Sites, categories and portals. You can configure which languages that should be included on your sites. When adding one or more language(s) to the configuration, the language switcher will show up on your sites.

Working with languages & translations

For an overview and walkthrough of the feature see the written tutorial below.

Tutorial: Working with portal languages and translations (from 3.2)

Switching languages

Languages available in the switcher are defined via Refined Admin > Languages. When a user visits a Refined site the language will be set to the same language that is set for that user via the user profile.

Clicking a language in the switcher will set the new preferred language for that user and reload the page.


Jira text

Since the user language is updated when switching languages, the Jira texts will be updated automatically. If Jira does not support the selected language a Language pack might need to be installed.

Jira Service Management requests

To translate JSM portal names, request types, request type fields and descriptions, you can do so via the service project admin section under Language support for Jira 8.16 and newer. More information here.

Refined features

To translate the Refined Site and site structure, landing page layout, footer, modules and more, you’d make use of the feature.


If you have any feature request or feedback, don’t hesitate to report them to us via our support portal as we continue to iterate and improve on this feature.

For the current iteration of the feature, we support the languages listed at Supported languages to be added to the language switcher. Adding a custom/external language to the switcher is not yet supported.

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