For each Refined Site added, the settings can be specific to that site. 

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Creating a Site

Any Refined Site is created and managed in Refined Administration > Site Builder

Learn more about the Site Builder

Make initial settings to the site, then use the edit site via the settings for the site to make changes. 

General settings


The name of the site, this is the name that will be shown in the Site Switcher and on the site itself. 

The site logo will be shown for this site. If no image is uploaded there will be no logo shown. 

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Start site for groups

The start site feature makes it possible to direct users to specific sites when they log in. This setting is based on Jira User Groups and can be used for licensed and unlicensed (JSD customer) users. 

Start site for anonymous users

Check this box to make this site the start site for any user that is not logged in. 

Make sure your settings are aligned between the Refined Sites. As an example: There can't be two sites set as the Start site for anonymous users


Show site switcher

The Site Switcher is shown in the top left corner of the Refined Site and is used to navigate between the Refined Sites of this instance. 

This settings determines whether the Site Switcher is shown on this site or not. Not showing it will give the appearance of an independent site, whereas showing it will give navigation options. 

Main navigation


In version 2.1 and earlier, the breadcrumbs was the only option. 

This option is good for JSD portals and managing requests and service desks. 

Content menu

The content menu will display the site navigation at the top as dropdowns, giving easy navigation to the site. 


View permissions

The view permissions for the site determines what users will have access to see this site.


A theme set to a site will apply to all the items in that site (Categories, Jira projects and JSD portals) unless the item has a setting that overrides this. 

Tip: Think of this as an umbrella setting, if an item is under the site umbrella it will get the site setting unless it has an umbrella of its own. 

When the Theme has been changed on the site, it can be reverted to the default theme by clicking "Use default theme" in the top. 

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