Custom text variables

From version 3.2 there's also the possibility to define custom text variables. For a more in-depth guide see Tutorial: Dynamic text on sites and portals (from version 3.2)

By using Text Variables in Text Variables and content to Site Home, Category Homes & Portals you can make the content dynamic and rich, adapting to its context. 

There are a couple of different ways to make use of text variables. 

Displaying rich content

Text Variables can be used to display rich content and you can use it to both make the content more personal, like adding a users name to the content, or contextual, like pointing out where a user is and what will happen. 

Please note: Text variables only works in Modules and Macros developed by RefinedWiki.

RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk

$usernameThe username of the current logged in user.2.0
$userfullnameThe full name of the current logged in user.2.0

The first name of the current logged in user.

Note: If you have your display name as "lastname, firstname" this will not work.

$sitenameThe name of the current site.2.0
$siteidThe ID of the current site.2.0
$categorynameThe name of the current category.2.0
$categoryidThe ID of the current category.2.0
$servicedesknameThe name of the current service desk.2.0
$servicedeskidThe ID of the current service desk.2.0
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