A guide to the Theme Editor. 

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The Theme Editor Features

The Theme Editor is a simple tool to create your themes. 

Preview area

The Theme Editor has a large and responsive preview area where any setting you make is reflected instantly.

Settings area

The right hand side of the editor is where you expand sections to make the settings you want. 

Context switcher

In the top left of the page you can switch between Portal and Request / Issue to see what the theme will look like in different areas. 

History area

In the History tab you can restore an old version of a theme. A version is generated every time you hit the save button.

The settings and the looks

Main appearance

Use the main setting to choose the look for your theme. For the first option to the left, there is only header and footer available as sections. 


The header is the very top section of the theme where you use a color, an image or a gradient to set your look. 

Theme tip

Use a transparent setting to a color or gradient to get more options. 


The body is the main part of the theme, located between the header and the footer. 

Theme tip

For images you can choose how the image is displayed: full, repeat or no repeat, as well as apply filters and position the image. 


For the content you can choose to have shadow effects and corner settings. 

The footer is the lower part of your theme, you use the settings here to choose text color, link color and background, as well as a border option. 


The portal settings apply to the area of the content, the white (or grey) area in the middle of the page. Settings can also be made for the background

  • Fill background - this setting makes the content area span right to left and top to bottom completely
  • Width - the percentage or pixel amount of how wide the content area is. 

When the background is filled, you are not able to set the width manually. 

Row Style

The row style has three settings:

  • No Style - every horizontal section will be white
  • Alternating - every other section will be white, every other grey. 
  • Separating line - a small grey line will section off the other

Request / Issue

Width setting for how the requests and issues are displayed. 

If you want your theme to look the same for different projects, but you want one setting to differ (for instance a width setting): create a copy of your theme and change that one thing in the copy. Then apply the theme to the other project via the Site Builder. 


Settings for colors and navigation for the theme.