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Yes! You can leave some customer portals (service desks) with the default Jira Service Desk look and some with a theme using RefinedTheme. Read on to learn how to set it up.

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The Theming Setup

Using RefinedTheme you can choose to turn on theming globally switching on the global theming toggle. When global theming is enabled, all customer portals will be themed, and the theme that is applied is the one set on the Help Center.

With RefinedTheme you can mix and match which customer portals are themed using RefinedTheme, and which customer portals are kept as default JSD. 

Themes are always applied top down, according to their context unless you manually set a different theme to a customer portal. This means that a customer portal will have the theme of its parent, whether that be a site or a category, but you can override this by manually setting the theme to a customer portal.

Use RefinedTheme everywhere

Activate Global Theming by toggling the button to on.

The global theme is set on the Help Center.

Edit the Help Center to set the theme you want to apply.

Expand the THEME section and pick the theme you want to use.

Save the settings and your Help Center is themed.

Use default JSD theme in combination with RefinedTheme

When you do not want to apply RefinedTheme to all customer portals, there are a few options. The first step for all options is to ensure the customer portal/s that you don't want to theme (default JSD customer portals) sit under Help Center / Global Site.

Option 1: Set theme on specific customer portal  

Disable global RefinedTheming.

Place your customer portal in the Help Center site.

Any customer portal placed in the Help Center will have the Help Center's theme, unless you manually set something else. When RefinedTheme is disabled, the default JSD theme will be applied.

Set a theme on a specific customer portal (service desk).

In the Site Builder, edit the customer portal you want to theme.

In the Settings, activate theming.

Pick the theme you want to use.

When you want to remove theming from a customer portal, go to the settings and deactivate theming.

A single customer portal (service desk) has been themed!

Any customer portal that has a theme applied will have an icon showing this.

Any service desk placed in an additional site will always have the RefinedTheme.

Option 2: Apply RefinedTheme on a Site

Another option to mix RefinedTheme customer portals with default JSD customer portals is to keep any portals you want themed in a different site. 

When a site does not have a specific theme set, the theme from the Help Center will be applied, even when the Help Center itself does not have global theming enabled. 

Set default JSD theme on the Help Center by disabling global RefinedTheme.

Add a new site, or edit an existing one.

Then click to make settings.

Pick the theme you want to use on your site, then save.

Please not that THEME is collapsed when you open the settings dialog, click on it to expand it.

Any site that has a theme set will have an icon to show it.

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