In this tutorial we'll cover how you can work with links to by-pass the Help Center structure. This can be useful if you only have one JSD project in your Help Center setup.

How JIRA Service Desk is setup

With JIRA Service Desk (JSD) there will always be a global site, by default called the Help Center. Whether you are using Refined or not, this is one that you can't remove. For anyone running JSD with just one project in it, it can seem redundant (and a bit confusing) having both the Help Center Landing page and the one for the Help Center. 


When you are adding Refined to a JSD we add the possibility for your setup to have many levels, landing pages and sites. While this is a good fit to get structure to your setup, we still have the same issue as with default JSD - if you have the one JSD portal you still need to have a site/Help Center to hold it. 

In this tutorial we'll cover how you can use Refined to make things a bit easier for anyone using your site. 


We have one portal, it's on the default Site.

The Help Center has an image for the Search, and the portal itself has a green background (this is a choice to make it more prominent what's what in the setup). 

Page setup start

Help Center home

JSD Portal


The goal here is to create a page where users can access ticket create dialogs from the main page, without taking the de-tour via the portal landing page. 

Help Center home

Steps to get there

Get the URLs

First of all, we need to get the links for each of the create dialogs. These have unique URLS.

  1. Go to the portal.
  2. Click to create a ticket.
  3. Get the URL from the browser.

Show me a video

Edit the Help Center

  1. Go to the main Help Center and edit the layout.
  2. Add a Navigation Icon.
  3. Edit the module and add an icon and the URL from before.
  4. Add an icon or an image. You can get the image from the JSD request type as a screenshot.

...and repeat

Repeat the steps for all the request types.

Show me a video of the steps

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