RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk comes with a simple setup to get you started. For instance, the module Service Desks and Categories Module will show you the structure of your site. It is automatically populated and will show links to all the Service Desks, but the downside is that (currently) it does not look very nice.

Service Desks and Categories module

New setup

In this tutorial you will see how you can use URLs to create a navigation that is not only easier for the user to follow, but also visually pleasing.

Tutorial: Setting up a navigation that's easy to use and pretty on the eye

Getting the URLs

First thing to do is to get the URLs for the categories and the portals. These can be found by navigating to the page, and looking at the URL. For this use case, l'll make a list.

  • Use the links in the Service Desks and Categories module

Go to the Help Center, click the pen at the top of the page to edit the layout.

Setting up navigation

For setting up the navigation you can use any of the Navigation modules:

Because of the structure of this site with both categories and projects/portals, we will use one section for Customer Resources and one section for the Customer Service Desk (that is a project).

Start by adding a section to host the category.

Add one Navigation Highlight and enter the URL for the category on it.

Then add a Navigation Content and use the URL for the Service Desk to it.

Save to see the result.

This is what will be replacing what in the Help Center.

Do the same thing to add links to the projects too,

  1. Add a Section
  2. Add two columns to it.
  3. Add one Navigation Icon in each of the columns, and use the URLs from before. Here the icons that are bundled with RefinedTheme will serve as images for the projects.
  4. Save

Now that all the links that are contained in the Service Desks and Categories module have been accounted for, this module can be removed.

  1. Edit the layout
  2. Click the X in the top right corner of the section and confirm deletion.

Result: You now have the same links as before, but they are showing as images and icons instead of in a list.

Please not that since this is manually setup, you will need to update the portal if you for instance add a new service desk so that users can still find it.

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