With Refined you have the option to style your customer portals and add landing pages. You can do this either using our auto-populated modules such as Popular Service Desks or Request Types, but if you want to make the navigation even better you can use our navigation modules to setup snazzy icons and buttons to make it even nicer, like this demo page of ours: Refined for Jira demo site.

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Relative Links

Did you know that with Refined you can also use relative links instead of absolute links? This approach allows to copy a layout between instances that have different URLs. Learn more about Absolute vs Relative Links

Quick Links

If you're setting up navigation for articles, service desks or create request dialogs, make use of our quick link formats. 

By adding the following syntax to the link url field you get a quick link to an article in Confluence: 

format: article:THE_PAGE_ID

example: article:135233.

Getting the Confluence Page ID

By adding the following syntax to the link url field you get a quick link to a service desk:

format: servicedesk:THE_SERVICE_DESK_ID

example: servicedesk:3

Getting the Service Desk ID

By adding the following syntax to the link url field you get a quick link to a create request for a specific request type on a specific service desk:


example: servicedesk:3:1

Getting the Service Desk ID

My Requests

You can also benefit from the URL parameters for open requests. Use a navigation module and add the URL to create a link to a view with requests in specific status or creator. 

Closed http://YourInstance/plugins/servlet/desk/user/requests?status=closed

Open http://YourInstance/plugins/servlet/desk/user/requests?status=open

Any http://YourInstance/plugins/servlet/desk/user/requests

Closed and reported by anyone http://YourInstance/plugins/servlet/desk/user/requests?reporter=all&status=closed

Closed where I am participant http://YourInstance/plugins/servlet/desk/user/requests?reporter=others&status=closed

Approvals waiting for me: http://YourInstance/plugins/servlet/desk/user/approvals

Getting the id's for portals, create requests and articles

Each portal has its own URL. Go to the service desk portal to get the URL.

Get the create request URL by clicking to create a request. The URL is unique for portal and request type.

Each category you create also has its own unique URL. Get the URL by going to the category. 

Each site has its own unique URL. Go to the site to get the URL. 

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