Welcome to Refined Theme for JIRA Service Desk

We are happy to announce the release of Refined Theme for JIRA Service desk. Let us show you some of the features.

Theme your Service Desk

With Refined Theme for JIRA Service Desk (JSD) your Help Center will be themed as well as each of your Service Desk-projects. You can choose to use the same design on all projects or use specific designs for specific Service Desks. Adding a design to your projects will help guide the users to the correct place. 

Create your portals to be informative

We want to enhance the way users can help themselves to the information that they need. We've added portal-pages to each of the Service Desk projects where you can add Modules to display the most important information, as well as links to documentation and search features, we'll get back to that later. 

The same goes for your Help Center-page, you can add information, modules and search-features here as well. 

Search to find

Helping customers to help themselves provides them with a speedy support process, and it will hopefully reduce the load on your support team. With Refined Theme for JSD you can connect several Confluence Spaces as well as Confluence Questions to a Service desk, thus providing many sources for them to find what they are looking for. 

How to get started

Get started by installing a free 30-day trial of Refined Theme for JSD and have a look at the documentation, or if you want to see it live in action, visit our support portal.

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