Welcome to RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk 1.1

We've talked to customers and partners about new features and implemented the most sought after ones in 1.1. With this release we have focused on getting the Service Desks available on mobile devices, extending the self service and adding options to make your portals look as you want them to. Read on to learn more.

Mobile responsiveness

Ideally, a customer is able to reach you regardless of how they choose to access your service desk page. RefinedTheme for JSD now adapts and responds to any mobile display with version 1.1. Visitors can create and access open tickets from the device of their choice.

Tailor made search results - create links to internal or external content. 

With recommended links you can guide your customers to the documentation they need based on the search they enter. 

As an agent, you can add links through the recommended links feature in the Service Desk project.

As an admin you get an overview of all recommended links in the RefinedTheme Configuration. Find it through: Add-ons > Refined Theme > Configuration > Self Service-tab.

Improved Theming - filters in the Theme Editor

We've added filters to our theme editor to make your portals look even better. Filter-options are displayed when you enter an image as the background in either the header, the body or the footer. 

Information to users running IE11

Due to technical limitations between browsers, the filter option is not available in Internet Explorer 11.

Theme Help Center separately 

If you want your Help Center to have a different theme to the global one, this is now possible. In Add-ons > Refined Theme > Configuration > Customer Portals-tab you can edit the Help Center-theme separately. 

Edit portal pages as project administrator

In version 1.0 only the jira-administrators could edit the portal pages, with version 1.1 this has been updated and now project administrators are the ones who are in charge of content on the portals. The main Help Center-page is still editable only by a jira-administrator. 

Any user that can edit a portal page will see the edit-pen in the top right of the corner. This change means that a project administrator can add useful information for that specific project, such as service availability or current statuses. 

Languages, Sprachen, les langues - added support for language setting

With this release we have added support for languages for the admin pages and for the customer pages. Any user that sets their profile to using a specific language will see RefinedTheme settings in this language. 

Custom CSS

The customer portal can now be tweaked with custom CSS, but remember that any css-changes are not covered by our support. 

Want to learn more?

We recently did a webinar where you can learn how to get up and running with your own custom theme and portal pages. 

Watch Webinar on RefinedTheme 1.0 for JSD

Please note that this webinar is for version 1.0, so some things will be a bit different.

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