Introducing permissions for sections on a customer portal

You can now control which user groups see which content on sections within a customer portal.

Recommended Links improvements

With recommended links an agent can tailor the search result and redirect the customer to useful content internally and externally. In the 1.2 release we have three feature improvements for recommended links:


We will now track and show basic statistics on how often a recommended link is clicked. This will make it clear for an agent which links are being used or not. 

Multi match

A recommended link can have multiple matching words. The link will show up if the user is typing a word that matches at least one of the matching words. 

Recommended link in the agent issue view 

An agent can now view recommended links related to the title of the request. If a link doesn't show up, this is a good indication that a recommended link or write a knowledge base article on that topic might be helpful.

My Requests as a module

It is possible to display a user's open requests as a module on the customer portal.

Changable font colors on highlight modules

Font colors can be changed on Search Highlight Module and the Navigation Highlight Module.

Improved Knowledge Base settings

A wider display mode for the knowledge base popup

Display your knowledge base articles with a wider view.

Show knowledge base articles in a popup 

Displaying articles as a pop-up is now configurable via custom knowledge base settings.

Link to source article in pop-up footer

A link to the original article can be displayed in the pop-up footer.

Introducing a knowledge base article module

A knowledge base module that can display pages/articles from a Confluence instance based on space and/or label.

And more

  • The request types module has a new display mode.You can now display all groups visually on one page. 
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