For more info on the 2.1 release, please read the 2.1.0 release notes

Download Refined for Jira Service Desk 2.1.4

Compatibility with Jira 8.2 & JSD 4.2

This version adds supported compatibility with Jira 8.2.x and Jira Service Desk 4.2.x

Featured changes

Search results

  • With this release Atlassian added support for showing more than three search results in a default JSD to Confluence KB setup, and in this release we've increased the number of search results to five for version JSD 4.2 and up.
    JSD 4.2: Searching in the Help Center will show you five hits, and searching on the portal will also show you five hits.
    Pre JSD 4.2: Searching in the Help Center will show you several hits, searching the portal will show you five hits.

    We intend to improve this in upcoming versions.

Other fixes

  • Improved German translations and fixes for broken characters in Spanish translations.
  • Trailing URL slashes now redirects properly for /portal/{id}/ category/{key}/ and site/{key}/
  • Fix for uploading attachments in IE11.
  • Numerous quality of life improvements for the Site Builder. 
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