For more info on the 2.1 release, please read the 2.1.0 release notes

Compatibility with JIRA 8.4 & JSD 4.4

This version adds supported compatibility with JIRA 8.4.x and JIRA Service Desk 4.4.x.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where projects could show up twice in the "Service desks & categories" list. 
  • Edit category dialog will be closed when the category is deleted.
  • The Refined login page now respects sign up link settings.
  • You can now properly exclude labels using dash ( - ) when filtering using a Knowledge Base module. 
  • Links to portals with trailing slashes ( / ) no longer leads to blank pages.
  • Whitespace reserved for StatusPage updates no longer shows unless there's a status page announcement to be shown. 
  • Minor language formatting for Finnish and German.
  • No labels